Thursday, May 20, 2010

RONALD J. DAHLKE Arrives, Departs; THOMPSON in Port

Andrie's 65-foot long, 1903-built tug RONALD J. DAHLKE, pushing a jack-up barge, arrived in Erie at 1045 this morning and docked on the west side of Dobbin's Landing. The duo on a voyage from Muskegon, Michigan to Rochester, New York and stopped in Erie for fuel.

DAHLKE completed fueling at around 1530 this afternoon and departed for Rochester. The tow is making about seven knots, which will put the ship at the Welland Canal at about 0100 in the morning.

Shortly after the RONALD J. DAHLKE departed, JOSEPH H. THOMPSON arrived in Erie with stone from Calcite and docked at the Old Ore Dock. THOMPSON should depart sometime tonight.

I will post video of both arrivals sometime tomorrow.

RONALD J. DAHLKE pushes the barge inbound.

Another view.

Close up of the barge.

Close up of the RONALD J. DAHLKE, with its pilothouse raised. This allows the captain and crew to see over the barge.

Stern view.

Stern view.

Into Presque Isle Bay.

In Presque Isle Bay approaching West Dobbin's Landing.

Docking. When the tug docked it put down the two spuds (the poles on the sides of the barge) to secure it to the bottom of the bay, along with putting one line out.

At dock with the pilothouse up.

A moment later the pilothouse is down.

The first thing done when the barge docked was the pumping out of the barge's portable toilet. The entire process took less than five minutes.

A fisherman on the North Pier watches the THOMPSON this afternoon.

THOMPSON inbound.

Another view.

In the channel.

Stern view into the channel.

Another view as the THOMPSON enters Presque Isle Bay.

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