Friday, May 28, 2010

CUYAHOGA Arrives and Departs

CUYAHOGA arrived in Erie this morning at 0130 and docked at the North Pier to unload sand from Thessalon, Ontario. This is the third load of sand for beach replenishment. The vessel spent the night unloading, and after clearance from U.S. Customs, departed at 0730 bound for Cleveland to load salt.

CUYAHOGA unloads as the first rays of light cross the sky at 0545.

Stern view.

An hour later and the unload is almost complete.

Close up of the unloading boom.

J.S. ST. JOHN outbound, passing the CUYAHOGA at 0700.


Passing the lighthouse.

CUYAHOGA departing at 0730.

CUYAHOGA departing at 0730.

At 0742 the CUYAHOGA picks up speed at Buoys 3 and 4.

Turning at Buoys 1 and 2.

Picking up speed, powering through the turn.

Turning to head westbound.

CUYAHOGA's bow cuts through the unusually-calm Lake Erie waters.


CUYAHOGA pours on the power and heads for its next cargo in Cleveland.

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