Saturday, May 24, 2014

KUMANO Arrives; CSL NIAGARA to Depart Sunday

FEDERAL KUMANO arrived at 1615 today, and with assistance from tug NEW YORK, turned in Presque Isle Bay and docked at the Mountfort Terminal. The ship will be in port until mid-day Tuesday.

Tugs RHODE ISLAND and NEW YORK arrived in Erie around 0900 this morning to sail CSL NIAGARA from Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair. However, NIAGARA developed a problem that required an additional day to fix; RHODE ISLAND departed for Ashtabula while NEW YORK stayed behind. The tugs will be assisting the NIAGARA out of drydock at approximately 0800 Sunday if all goes well.

I will update this post with photographs of today's activity later this evening.

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