Monday, May 19, 2014


BBC XINGANG arrived in Erie at 1015 hours Sunday, and docked at the Mountfort Terminal to load the first batch of locomotives bound for Africa. BBC XINGANG arrived from Milwaukee, after a stop in Hamilton and then a couple of weeks in the anchorage above Port Huron awaiting a pilot. Ice conditions on the upper lakes forced the Coast Guard to stop most salties above Port Huron at the beginning of the season and the lake pilots are now working through a pilot shortage. After spending last week working cargo in Milwaukee, BBC XINGANG stopped in Erie to load before completing her first visit to the Great Lakes.

BBC XINGANG was built in 2013 at Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding in Tianjin, China. Tianjin Xingang has built many of the BBC vessels, including seven sisterships to BBC XINGANG.

I will post a departure time when I learn of one for the BBC XINGANG.

REBECCA ANN returned to Erie this morning shortly after midnight to pick up another barge and is currently docked along the north wall of Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair.

BBC XINGANG in the channel. In the distant background, note local perch fishing boats O'DANNY'O and EDWARD JOHN.

Passing the lighthouse.

Another view of XINGANG. Photo by Gene Polaski.

Bow view of the 2013-built general cargo vessel. BBC XINGANG has two cranes, each capable of lifting up to 350 MT, for a combined lift of 700 MT.

Side view.

Passing the Coast Guard station.

Stern view of XINGANG. Photo by Gene Polaski.

BBC XINGANG's cargo awaits.

BBC XINGANG approaches the Mountfort Terminal.

Coming alongside.

Alongside the dock.

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Lakerbill17 said...

Interesting that the ship uses its own cranes and not the 300-ton stiff-leg crane, which, I suspect, still hasn't paid for itself.