Saturday, August 31, 2013

HERBERT P. BRAKE, Hopper Barge RHETT Depart

HERBERT P. BRAKE removed Sterling Equipment's newly-built hopper barge RHETT from drydock at Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair at 0700 on Friday and moored the barge at the north wall of the shipyard.

BRAKE then proceeded to move crane barge FARRELL 256 to the east side of the shipyard from her dock in front of McKEE SONS, in order to allow for work on replacement of a section of the dock wall to begin.

Once complete, BRAKE mated to the hopper barge RHETT and departed Erie at around 1000, bound for the Welland Canal and then Oswego, New York to enter the New York State Barge Canal. Eventually, RHETT will make its way to Sterling Equipment's base in Quincy, Massachusetts.

HERBERT P. BRAKE moving RHETT in Erie harbor on Friday morning.

BRAKE works the barge toward the dock.

Shortly after 1000 Friday morning, BRAKE pushes RHETT outbound.

Close up of Donjon Shipbuilding Hull #123.


Side view. Note the crew member working atop the pilothouse.

Stern view.


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