Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Below are very late photos of two visits from the MANISTEE and a visit from the BUFFALO.

HERBERT P. BRAKE arrived in Erie early on August 7 and was lifted from the water at Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair. The BRAKE and the next new hopper barge will be departing at the end of August.

MANISTEE casts off her lines and prepares to depart the Mountfort Terminal at 0650 on July 30.

Moving away from the dock.

Boom down, MANISTEE lines for the channel.

In the channel.

Departing for Fairport Harbor at 0700.

Thirty-six hours later, MANISTEE returns.


Passing the Coast Guard station.

Stern view.

Turning in Presque Isle Bay.

Another view.

BUFFALO inbound on August 7 with stone from Cedarville. BUFFALO went to the Mountfort Terminal for an hour before shifting to the Old Ore Dock before departing at 2000.

Another view.

Passing the Coast Guard station.

Margot, a seven-year-old terrier mix, watches as the BUFFALO passes.

Stern view.


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Aaron Banks said...

Do any of these boats do shipping in Alaska. I would love to see what different boats are equipped with for different trips. That has always interested me.