Saturday, March 24, 2012


PRESQUE ISLE departed winter layup last night at 2100, turning in Presque Isle Bay and departing Erie for Two Harbors.

EDGAR B. SPEER departed this morning at 0730, also bound for Two Harbors to load iron ore. SPEER saluted onlookers on the pier while passing through the channel.

Though SPEER and PRESQUE ISLE have departed, work continues at Donjon on the CLEVELAND ROCKS, CALUMET, MANITOWOC and KEN BOOTHE SR./LAKES CONTENDER. CALUMET reportedly will be in drydock between three and four weeks.

At some point, Port City Tug's tug BRADSHAW McKEE will arrive in Erie to pick up the barge CLEVELAND ROCKS. The CLEVELAND ROCKS is the second barge to undergo modifications at Erie's shipyard to fit that tug; as SUSAN W. HANNAH the tug was paired with the barge MEDUSA CONQUEST which underwent modifications at Erie Marine Enterprises in 1992. Those modifications were not successful, resulting in a lawsuit against Erie Marine and the barge modifications to the CONQUEST being completed at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay.

Below are photos of the SPEER's departure, and of the moves at Donjon last Tuesday.

SPEER passing the APALACHEE and MANITOU while departing the Old Ore Dock.

Turning at the Mountfort Terminal.


Close up.

Close up of the cabin. Notice the light underneath the radar is on, activated when saluting.

Stern view.

Outbound. The SPEER has spent the past three winters in Erie.

MANITOU standing by to pick up the stern towline on the CALUMET.

APALACHEE pulls the CALUMET away from the shipyard.


Pulling away from the shipyard.

Anchoring the vessel in the harbor.

APALACHEE and MANITOU head back to the shipyard.

Close up.

Another view.

APALACHEE standing by.

Pulling the MANITOWOC, freshly painted, out of drydock. MANITOWOC had hundreds of feet worth of steel plating replaced inside, necessitating a six-week stay in drydock.

Anchored in the bay.

MANITOWOC waiting in the bay.

APALACHEE starts to move the CALUMET.

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