Sunday, January 15, 2012


ROBERT S. PIERSON went to anchor outside Buoys 1 & 2 this afternoon and will not arrive in Erie until tomorrow morning. Donjon will begin flooding the drydock at 0500, the gate will be moved at around 0900 and then the tugs APALACHEE and MANITOU will move the CLEVELAND ROCKS into drydock. The PIERSON will then enter the piers and go stern-first into drydock ahead of the ROCKS.

APALACHEE and MANITOU will remain in Erie the winter to move vessels at the yard. Apparently, CLEVELAND ROCKS will be moved four times this winter to make room for vessels coming to the yard while she is modified to fit her new articulated tug, BRADSHAW MCKEE, which will arrive in Erie to pick up the barge in the spring.

Ironically, CLEVELAND ROCKS is the second barge that has been modified at the shipyard facility in Erie for the BRADSHAW MCKEE. As SUSAN W. HANNAH, the tug's barge MEDUSA CONQUEST was modified at Erie Marine Industries in 1992; that job was botched and ended with Medusa Cement taking the barge to Bay Shipbuilding and suing Erie Marine. This job will no doubt end better.

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