Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brig NIAGARA Update; NEAH BAY in Port; St. JOHN Update

As a follow up to the Coast Guard's dispatching of a twenty-five foot vessel to the Brig NIAGARA yesterday: apparently a crew member suffered a medical emergency and was found unconscious. The crew member is fine now.

NEAH BAY arrived in port at 1745 and docked at the north face of Dobbin's Landing.

Crews have continued work on the J.S. St. JOHN and have now painted the entire hull and the visor above the pilothouse in gray. There has been no change in stack markings yet.

And finally, FEDERAL POWER is currently in the English Channel making 15.9 knots on its way to the St. Lawrence Seaway.

NEAH BAY at North Dobbin's Landing shortly after arrival.

Another view.

J.S. St. JOHN's new paint job.

Another view of the almost-completed paint job.

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