Saturday, May 23, 2015

HOUSTON Arrives, Loads Locomotives for Indonesia; KATHY LYNN Arrives with Barges

HOUSTON arrived in Erie at 1300 on Thursday and docked at the Mountfort Terminal. The US-flagged ship is in Erie to load 15 locomotives built at GE Transportation and bound for Jakarta, Indonesia, where they will be offloaded and pressed into service for Indonesia's state railway. These are the first of 50 class CC206 locomotives to be shipped and are due in Indonesia in September; the next 15 will be shipped next month and due in Indonesia in October, and the remainder will be delivered for freight operations in September 2016.

HOLLYHOCK was in yesterday to work on replacing the winter channel markers with the summer buoys.

Ryba Marine's tug KATHY LYNN arrived in Erie at 1300 today pushing two barges and moored the barges on the west side of the West Slip. The tug then departed upbound on Lake Erie. No word at this time as to why the two hopper scows were left in Erie.

HOUSTON rounds Gull Point on her approach to Erie.

Bow view.

The ship was built in 2005 and most recently sailed as BBC HOUSTON.

Another view.

Close up of the small ship.

The crew watches as the ship enters port.

Deck machinery.

Stern view.

Another view.

In a few moments the ship will dock at the Mountfort Terminal.

Locomotives on the dock on the Mountfort Terminal on Friday.

Another view.

Six of the units were on the southern track on the Mountfort Terminal.

A view from the peninsula on Friday afternoon.

Stern view.

Loading on Saturday morning.

The locomotive is raised.

Swinging the locomotive over the side.

KATHY LYNN passes the lighthouse.

KATHY LYNN pushing two barges inbound.

Close up.

Stern view of the tug.

The hard-working tug pushes her barges into Presque Isle Bay. KATHY LYNN is continually busy on Ryba's construction or dredging projects around the Great Lakes, and has appeared on this blog before.

Approaching the dock.

KATHY LYNN works hard to slow the barges.

Coming alongside.

Wind pushed the tow off the first time, so KATHY LYNN backed off and tried again. This attempt was successful.

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