Friday, January 30, 2015


RT. HON. PAUL J. MARTIN got underway last night from the Belle Isle Anchorage in Detroit bound for Erie, escorted by CCGS SAMUEL RISLEY. RISLEY took the MARTIN, as well as ALGOCANADA (bound for Nanticoke) as far as Southeast Shoal before GRIFFON took over the escort at 0100 this morning. At this time the trio is off of Painesville, Ohio on a course for Long Point. It's likely GRIFFON will escort ALGOCANADA to Nanticoke before bringing the MARTIN to Erie. At this time, it seems likely that MARTIN will arrive in Erie tomorrow.

Stay tuned for updates.

Tug PRESQUE ISLE has separated from her barge for the winter for ballast tank work on the barge.

GRIFFON inbound on Thursday morning. GRIFFON's arrival is the first time since January, 1996 that a Canadian Coast Guard cutter has broken ice in Erie. In that instance, SAMUEL RISLEY broke ice for Algoma's SAUNIERE to bring in a cargo of salt.

GRIFFON easily breaks through the harbor ice.

Stern view.

GRIFFON heads into the bay.

THUNDER BAY approaches the piers.


Another view. Note the boarding ladder already prepared on the port side.

Close up of the 2013-built freighter.

A wave from the crew, who are no doubt happy to be in port after four days at anchor.

A watchful eye in the wheelhouse.

Stern view.


In Presque Isle Bay with GRIFFON breaking a track for the ship.

GRIFFON approaches the West Slip.

Backing into the slip, GRIFFON uses her wheel wash to help break ice.

Close up of GRIFFON.

Coming to a stop in the slip, GRIFFON throttles up to head out.

Another view.

GRIFFON turns as THUNDER BAY heads in.


GRIFFON departs as THUNDER BAY lines up for the West Slip.

Entering the slip.

Coming alongside the dock at Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair.

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