Wednesday, December 17, 2014

McKEE SONS Departs

After nearly two years in layup in Erie, McKEE SONS and tug INVINCIBLE slipped their mooring lines at 1520 on Tuesday afternoon and backed away from the West Slip, bound for Muskegon, Michigan. After being on charter from the McKee family to Grand River Navigation since 2000, GRN is returning McKEE SONS to her owners and terminating the charter when the vessel arrives in Muskegon, Michigan later this week. INVINCIBLE, owned by Grand River Navigation, will be taken to Sturgeon Bay for modifications and will eventually push the barge LEWIS J. KUBER, replacing tug OLIVE L. MOORE.

McKEE SONS at dock on Tuesday morning.

Linehandlers slip the last mooring line as McKEE SONS prepares to head outbound.

Backing away from the dock.

Another view. The barge's bow thruster was reported to not be working.


Rounding the Mountfort Terminal in the rain. The locomotives on the dock are consigned to Vale Mining in Brazil.

Lining up for the channel.

Another view.

Between the piers.

Close up.

Tug INVINCIBLE provides the power.

Stern view.


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