Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MANISTEE Visits Twice; FARRELL 256 on Job

MANISTEE arrived in Erie at 1400 on October 28 and docked at the Mountfort Terminal to unload salt from Fairport Harbor. This cargo was Erie's second salt delivery of the year. MANISTEE departed at 1830.

Shortly thereafter, tug OHIO arrived and departed at 1630 with the crane barge FARRELL 256 in tow for Buffalo. Donjon Marine won a contract to remove the gates of the Black Rock Lock, which were to be taken to Cleveland. Gate removal is currently complete and OHIO and FARRELL 256 remain in Buffalo. This is the first time FARRELL has been outside of Erie harbor since arriving in 2011.

MANISTEE returned with another cargo of salt on October 30 and unloaded at the Mountfort Terminal before departing around 1230 hours.

MANISTEE arriving Erie on October 28.

Another view of the 1943-built classic.

The salt delivery is the second of the season.

This is also MANISTEE's first visit of the season to Erie.

Close up.

Stern view.

Heading for Presque Isle Bay to turn.

Turned, MANISTEE prepares to dock.

Swinging a man over the side.

OHIO inbound.

Close up of OHIO as the 1903-built tug heads inbound.

Stern view.

Heading out with the FARRELL 256 in tow.

Wide view.

Close up of the FARRELL

Stern view.

Outbound for Buffalo.

MANISTEE unloading on October 30.

Another view.

With the boom in and undergoing repairs.

YANKEE finishing her refit at Donjon.

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