Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Erie harbor was busy today, with two tugs, a barge, and a large motor yacht arriving during daylight hours.

Motor yacht PAMELA RAE, registered in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, arrived in Erie at 0900 and went to the Erie Yacht Club. PAMELA RAE is eventually bound for Florida for the winter.

About an hour later, Donjon Marine's newest tug, the 1976-built YANKEE, arrived in Erie and proceeded inbound for Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair. The tug is docked along the north wall of Donjon's yard and will likely be here all winter.

JOSEPH H. THOMPSON/THOMPSON JR. arrived in Erie at 1730 this afternoon and docked at the Old Ore Dock. The duo is currently unloading a cargo of stone from Calcite, Michigan.

PAMELA RAE enters Erie harbor.

Stern view of the 75-foot long yacht.

YANKEE passing buoys 3&4 inbound.

Another view.

Passing Erie pierhead light.

In the channel.

Side view of YANKEE.

Stern view of the tug.

Stern view of the 1976-built tug as it enters Erie harbor.

JOSEPH H. THOMPSON/THOMPSON JR inbound this afternoon.

Close up.

Side view.

Stern view of the duo.

Stern view approaching Erie harbor.

Coyote on the peninsula this evening.

The tame coyote showed little fear of humans.

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