Saturday, September 7, 2013


This morning at 1105 FRIENDS GOOD WILL called on the radio requesting a tow after having gone aground in 7.5 feet of water in Presque Isle Bay. Lakeshore Towing Services quickly answered the call and immediately dispatched tug DON HENRY to the scene. DON HENRY hooked up and began pulling the vessel, which has a draft of 8.9 feet.

DON HENRY, however, made very little progress toward freeing the 55-ton sailing ship, and the decision was made to call for the company's other tugs, LOW BIDDER and FLATTOP. After all three tugs were on scene and hooked to the tow, FRIENDS GOOD WILL was easily pulled free of her grounded position and got underway for Dobbin's Landing. The passengers who had paid for a 90-minute sail got much more than they bargained for today.

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