Tuesday, July 23, 2013


HERBERT P. BRAKE arrived in Erie at 2015 hours on Monday and proceeded into drydock at Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair to attach to newly-built hopper barge HUDSON. BRAKE moved the HUDSON out to the north face of the shipyard. BRAKE then moored at the West Slip in front of McKEE SONS. The tug remains there today.

When BRAKE and HUDSON depart they are bound for the New York State Barge Canal, and the barge is eventually bound for Sterling Equipment in Quincy, MA.

HERBERT P. BRAKE inbound Erie.

Stern view.

BRAKE moving HUDSON in Erie harbor as darkness falls.

VICTORY/JAMES L. KUBER inbound on July 12.

Another view.

Between the piers.

Stern view.

Another stern view of the duo.

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