Monday, January 21, 2013

KUBER, GOTT Arrive for Layup

JAMES L. KUBER arrived at Erie at 0400 on Wednesday, January 16, and docked at the north face of Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair. The barge, and tug VICTORY, will be put into drydock this week for a five year survey. Barge JAMES L. KUBER will be painted grey at that time.

EDWIN H. GOTT arrived at 1430 on Friday afternoon, after spending Thursday night at anchor off of Erie, and backed into the Old Ore Dock. GOTT is here for topside work.

VICTORY/JAMES L. KUBER at dock on Wednesday.

Another view of the unit.

Bow view.

McKEE SONS and TECUMSEH at dock, with tug VICTORY behind them. VICTORY is hanging off the dock to permit the GOTT's arrival on Friday.

EDWIN H. GOTT arriving on Friday morning. Note the vessel's anchor is still hanging just below the waterline.

Passing Erie Pierhead light. This is the first time the GOTT has ever visited Erie.

In between the piers.

Close up.

Closer view of the GOTT's port anchor hanging down.

Stern view with PRESQUE ISLE.

Stern view of the GOTT, a near-sister of EDGAR B. SPEER.

Rounding the PRESQUE ISLE and headed into Presque Isle Bay.

Preparing to turn with tug VICTORY in the foreground.

Backing into the Old Ore Dock.

GOTT stirs up seagulls who are interested in catching the fish churned up by its propellers.

Overhead view.

Another view of the GOTT.

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