Sunday, June 10, 2012


SAGINAW arrived in Erie this morning at 0830 with sand from Thessalon, Ontario for beach replenishment. This is SAGINAW's first trip to Erie since April 12, 2004.

SAGINAW unloaded the third load of sand for beach replenishment throughout the morning and early afternoon before departing at 1500 bound for Toledo to load coal.

Tug CHEYENNE and Erie-built barge WITTE 1402 arrived in Erie today and moored at Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair. The tug/barge unit is on its way back from delivering cargo to Fairport Harbor, Ohio and are here to pick up the barge WITTE 1407. WITTE 1407 will be taken to New York. I will update with more on CHEYENNE's departure as I learn more.

SAGINAW backing into Erie harbor.

Lowering the workboat to put deckhands ashore.

Swinging the boom out.

Unloading in the early afternoon.

Stern view of the classic laker. The last time SAGINAW was in Erie, the vessel was a steamship; SAGINAW has since been repowered.

J.S. St JOHN inbound.

Close up

Stern view.

Departing at 1500.

SAGINAW in the channel at Buoys 3 & 4.


Headed up the lake.

Course change - heading up the lake.

SAGINAW picks up speed.

SAGINAW's classic bow.

Stern view, departing for Toledo.

CHEYENNE at dock with WITTE 1402.

A puff of smoke from CHEYENNE's stack. Note J.S. St. JOHN turning in the background to head outbound

CHEYENNE pushing on the barge WITTE 1402.

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