Thursday, May 3, 2012

BRADSHAW McKEE Update; Harbor News and Notes

BRADSHAW McKEE and MANITOU secured VICTORY/JAMES L. KUBER in Toledo and McKEE has now departed for Erie. If McKEE makes the same speed of about 10 knots that she did up Lake Michigan and down Lake Huron to pick up the KUBER, her ETA for Erie to pick up the CLEVELAND ROCKS is about 1100 tomorrow.

Final preparations are being made for KEN BOOTHE SR./LAKES CONTENDER to sail this weekend. Her first trip is scheduled to be to Silver Bay, Minnesota to load ore. Over the past two days the crew has been testing the unloading boom on the barge. The unloading boom is reported to be 286' long, which would make it the longest on the Great Lakes.

The new shaft seal for PRESQUE ISLE is being flown in from Germany and should arrive tomorrow. If repairs go as planned the cofferdam will be floated out and PRESQUE ISLE will depart Saturday.

KEN BOOTHE SR./LAKES CONTENDER and CLEVELAND ROCKS showing the reflection of a calm morning at 0745 this morning.

LAKES CONTENDER with the unloading boom raised this afternoon.

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