Saturday, April 28, 2012


FARRELL 256 and J.S. St. JOHN were moved into drydock at Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair this morning. Lakeshore Towing tugs FLATTOP and DON HENRY moved the FARRELL 256 into the west side of the yard, halfway into the building at the south end of the graving dock. J.S. St. JOHN was moved afterward, and the move was complete and the dock gate back in place by 0930.

FARRELL 256 is in the drydock for unspecified work and the St. JOHN is in for her five-year inspection.

CALUMET should be departing today or tomorrow. Tentatively, the vessel is headed for Marblehead, Ohio to load stone for Cleveland, then to load a salt cargo in Cleveland for Milwaukee.

FARRELL 256 being towed into drydock.

Heading into the dock.

Overhead view.

Tugs arrive for the St. JOHN.

Hooking up the towline.

Backing away from the dock.

Backing out of the slip.

Turning. St. JOHN was moved in stern-first.

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