Friday, November 27, 2009

HARBOUR CLOUD Arrives in Erie

HARBOUR CLOUD arrived in Erie today at 0725 on one of the Fall's coldest days thus far. The vessel, which had spent the previous four days anchored off of Port Weller for tank cleaning and awaiting pilotage, turned in Presque Isle Bay and docked at the Mountfort Terminal to load biodiesel. This is the tenth load of biodiesel from Hero BX (formerly known as Lake Erie Biofuels) to be shipped out of the port since 2007; one load went out in 2007, seven went out in 2008, and two have gone out in 2009. This is likely the last load to go out of the port this season, as the St. Lawrence Seaway will be closing in less than a month.

Lakeshore Towing put the oil containment boom around the HARBOUR CLOUD this morning at 0930 and loading commenced shortly thereafter. Loading should take more than 24 hours to complete.

HARBOUR CLOUD inbound Erie on a windy Friday morning.

Another view.

Close up of the 2004-built HARBOUR CLOUD, on charter to the Clipper Group.

Stern view. Note that the CLOUD's stack is painted completely black. .

Turning in Presque Isle Bay.

Turning. Note how close the vessel is to the green buoy in the foreground.


Turned and heading for the Mountfort Terminal.


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